Proven Runner PGEI Showing Very Bullish
Indicators as Market Heats up for Innovative
Real Estate Properties Operator

Hi and good afternoon,

Ok, now it’s time for some excitement… in fact, I once watched tonight’s new play PGEI go on one of the biggest runs I’ve ever seen. In February of last year PGEI ran to an intra-day high of .15… its previous close was .0031.

Do the math… it Ginormous. It opened that day at .03, meaning it ran 400pct on massive volume from the open to hit the day’s high of .15. It closed up over 1,700pct from its previous close. That day everyone learned about PGEI, it captured the attention and the imagination of the small markets… it was mesmerizing.

Now I’m not saying we’re in for another day like that, but when PGEI jumped onto my radar again, I was more than a little excited. (See the Historical Quote from that day here)

Our last few plays have seen some very nice upward movement, most recently was a run of over 22%... but it’s time for something that could get the blood flowing. As I always say, the past is not always a good indicator of what the future will hold, but one thing we do know is that PGEI is a proven mover...

… or, more accurately, one of the biggest runners I’ve ever seen.

Tonight's new Play is
ProGreen Properties, Inc. (PGEI)

Company Website

PGEI Chart & Quote

First things first, this is a brand new play with very BIG history… so let’s first take a close look at the chart and its indicators:

Short Term Indicators:
Exponential Moving Average: Very Bullish
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence: Very Bullish
Low Analysis: Bullish
Stochastic: Bullish

Medium Term Indicators:
Exponential Moving Average: Very Bullish
Moving Average Convergence/Divergence: Bullish
Three Day Displaced Moving Average: Bullish
Fibonacci: Bullish
Low Analysis: Bullish
20 – 100 Day MACD Oscillator: Green

Long Term Indicators:
Exponential Moving Average: Very Bullish
100 Day Moving Average vs Price: Green
50 – 100 Day MACD Oscillator: Green

PGEI’s Market and Operations:

ProGreen Properties acquires and develops real estate properties then converts them into high yield situations. The Company is engaged in the business of acquiring, refurbishing and upgrading residential real estate into modern affordable homes, with some being aimed at the local real estate market and some being leased and subsequently sold to European backers.

ProGreen’s business model is to acquire, refurbish and upgrade existing properties into more energy efficient, comfortable and healthier homes that are leased to suitable tenants, who are willing to pay more, in order to live in a ProGreen property.

The U.S. market for green single-family housing projects was sized at approximately 10BLn Dlrs in 2008 and has only grown larger.

The Green Real Estate Market:

“LEED” is the most popular and widely used green building rating system across the globe. There are currently more than 69k LEED building projects located in over 150 countries and territories.

During the foreclosure crisis, REITs noticed an opportunity to snap up and retrofit properties before putting them back on the market at a big mark-up. Green labels, like a LEED certification, carry a price tag that averages about 9% higher than a non-green equivalent. Combine that gain with the low cost of buying a foreclosed property, and REITs have a high potential for profit.

The facts regarding the “Green” building market are astounding. This Press Kit from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) gives an excellent overview of just how enormous this market potential is: Green Building Facts

While the overall market is showing definite signs of improvement, there are still a huge number of foreclosed properties coming into the market.

This increase in demand with still depressed property prices, is creating exceptional long term opportunities for real estate opportunists with market knowledge. ProGreen has created a unique market approach and business strategy, in order to be able to benefit from the change in this market.

ProGreen is made up of the following wholly-owned subsidiaries:

ProGreen is offering professionally managed condos and houses of exceptional standards, with only a minimal competition in the market place.

As a result of high demand and very limited competition, ProGreen rental properties are yielding very high returns. This has created the opportunity for ProGreen to offer for sale to European backers, fully managed income producing residential real estate, producing returns that far exceed what is the norm in Europe, while still keeping healthy margins and maintaining property management.

In recent news, PGEI entered a Joint Venture Agreement with American Residential Gap LLC (ARG), a wholly owned subsidiary of AMREFA in Sweden, with which ProGreen has existing property financing arrangements.

Under the existing agreement with AMREFA referred to above, ARG acquired two more properties from ProGreen on October 1.

ProGreen recently confirmed that AMREFA will continue to provide more project funding. The Company has also signed a 3Mln Dlr MOU with Futura Fastigheter AB (Sweden).

Under this new agreement ARG and ProGreen will jointly acquire primarily distressed properties in Michigan, with ARG providing 100% of the funding. Properties to be acquired will be, single family residences suitable to be converted into rental homes, single family homes to be refurbished, upgraded and sold, and land for construction of New Homes.

Take a look at this quote from the President & CEO of PGEI, Jan Telander:

"We are very excited about the recent turn of events, with this new joint venture as well as with ARG now having a funding agreement in place with a local bank, which considerably increases ARGs financial capacity for larger acquisitions."

Now that’s an impressive leap forward; PGEI’s growth strategy seems to be well underway and with the addition of their recent joint venture their future could be a very bright one.


It seems PGEI has come a long way since we saw them shock the small markets a year ago. The Company’s agreements seem to have led to the growth in operations in a short period of time.

With solid funding and a clear-cut path in place it seems the sky could be the limit for PGEI.

“Green” standards are dominating new development and it seems PGEI’s focus is right on target.

Also, as I mentioned way up top, PGEI is one of the biggest runners I’ve ever seen. Don’t sit on your hands; put PGEI front and center on your Watchlist right now… start your research… and GET READY!

We could be in for another monster day ahead!

PGEI closed today at just .024… that’s just north of 2cents. If we were to see another historical run it could translate to Monstrous Percentages.

Time to get ready.

Speak again soon,
NewPowerAlert Team