Tonight's Tech Play TPHX Positioned to Revolutionize
Multi-Bln Dlr Market, Could be Holding the Solution
to One of the World's Biggest Problems

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Another day, another Green Giant… today we watched our most recent play skyrocket for 124pct on massive volume… it was quite the sight to see. Our previous play was a 67pct runner that saw major activity and caught the attention of the small markets late last week. In fact, we’ve been red hot of late and our rapidly expanding reader base is taking notice… “Congratz” to all of those who have taken the opportunities to benefit.

If you haven’t been watching these past few weeks, don’t worry... we have something tonight that has the potential to shock the small markets: a relatively unknown “hidden gem” that is just starting to gain attention as volume is rising.

We could be in for another Monster day ahead, so be ready:

Put TPHX on Top of Your Watchlist Right Away

Before I get into this report there are a few key points that you need to keep in mind:

TPHX is an amazing story with an amazing product in a market that is seeing unfathomable growth.

I really hope we’ve captured your attention because this is a Company that has Monstrous Potential with a technology that offers a viable solution to one of the biggest dilemmas facing the world today… energy storage:

Tonight's new play is Tanaris Power (TPHX)

Tanaris Website

TPHX Quote

Since Sony introduced the first lithium-ion cell at the beginning of the 1990’s, manufacture of lithium ion batteries in Japan has increased at rates above 30% every year… that’s over 20 years of monstrous annual growth… and it’s about to explode to even more outrageous numbers.

Welcome to “Smart” Lithium Ion Batteries. Welcome to Tanaris:

Tanaris Power designs, engineers and produces some of the world’s fastest, high-performance, more reliable and he flexible Lithium-Ion batteries.

Tanaris Power lithium-ion batteries feature best-in-class safety, reliability, performance and flexibility for industrial power applications.

All Tanaris Power battery packs are based on Lithium-ion battery technology. Each of the batteries incorporates their advanced Battery Management System (BMS) along with numerous redundant safety and performance features to ensure their batteries are the safest, most reliable, best performing and flexible batteries available.

Tanaris’ technology: A battery management system (BMS) is the heart and soul that is designed into every Lithium-Ion pack that Tanaris produces. The BMS stands to be the intelligence behind the safety, performance and longevity of the battery pack, ensuring the customers get the most out of every purchase. The key to maintaining the safety and performance of the battery pack relies on the robustness and reliability designed into the sophisticated algorithms that manage the battery safety systems, internal diagnostics, and operational control logic within the BMS software engines.

TPHX provides Smart Energy Solutions for numerous Industrial Applications including:

In Fact, TPHX’s technology could soon change the way the world thinks about automotive batteries as they’ve just created one of the most advanced battery systems on earth – a development that could soon bring this undiscovered company a lot of attention.

How often do we run across a small market company with such a highly developed product?

This could be one of the biggest “hidden gems” we’ve located all year!

Not only does the Company have industry leading high-quality products, but they have also made serious headway in creating distribution channels:

As explained by Tanaris Power Inc. CEO Bruce Farmer, "The opportunity to partner with United, which is the world's largest airline in terms of the number of destinations served, is a great honor. Everyone on the Tanaris team is excited and looking forward to a dynamic and mutually-beneficial relationship over the coming weeks, months, and years."

With all that has been going on with TPHX this past month it’s only a matter of time until they truly begin to take full advantage of their groundbreaking technology.

Sectors like the military, industrial vehicle, domestic public transit, solar, wind, telecommunication and others could all be impacted by what TPHX has to offer.

Not to mention the more than 900 Bln Dlr auto industry!

Take a look at what others are saying:

Lithium Ion and the Electric Power Market:

President Obama launched the EV-Everywhere Challenge Program in order to enable companies in the United States to be the first in the world to produce a 5-passenger affordable American electric vehicle with a payback time of less than 5 years by 2022.

While the U.S. market is where most of the activity in the Lithium market is taking place, it is truly impressive what is going on all across the world within this market:

According to website AdvancedAutoBat the top four Japanese producers Blue Energy Japan, PEVE, Sanyo, and Hitachi “are all expanding production and/or investing in new lines.”

Just two months ago China’s Ministry of Science and Technology released a new plan that stresses the importance of developing China’s renewable energy market by increasing the number of cars that run on renewable energy. The target: to have 5 million “new energy” (mostly electric) cars on China’s roads by the year 2020.

Even India has proposed tax exemptions for lithium-ion batteries used in electric-hybrid vehicles.

Currently the US leads the plug-in electric vehicles (PEV) market, yet other nations are seeing explosive growth as we speak:

Several countries experienced a rapid growth of their plug-in car market during 2014:

According to market analysis from Frost & Sullivan, the Global Lithium-ion Battery market earned revenues of 17.58 Bln Dlrs in 2013 and estimates this to more than quadruple by 2020.

For an industry already in the tens of billions seeing 400% growth in 4 years is almost unheard of… but as we have seen in this report there are plenty of reasons for that.

As Wall Street begins to take notice, and as the country’s most exciting electric car maker is ramping up its battery business the sector for Lithium-Ion batteries is expected to hit 24.1 Bln Dlrs by 2023.


According to OTCMarkets, the Company announced that Recrusos Montana executed an MOU to acquire the North American marketing rights to the Tanaris Power line of Smart Lithium-ion batteries and power solutions for various applications.

This has thrust TPHX in the middle of one of the most important technological revolutions taking place in the world today!

The Company has a line of advanced products that big business is starting to take seriously, considering the United Airlines news as well as the Company’s foothold in China’s transit system.

Just last week TPHX launched a brand new product line:
Tanaris Power Holdings, Inc. (OTC: TPHX) Announces New Tanaris Power High-Density Osprey Batteries

By now, I hope we have your undivided attention. This play could be near a bottom and has proven itself with very explosive historical highs.

Let’s review some key points:

… and the list goes on!

We said it before and we’ll say it again… this could be the best “hidden gem” we’ve seen so far this year!

There are also many Green indicators at the moment including both the Low and High analysis. The Moving Average Convergence/Divergence is also Green for short, medium and long terms while the Exponential Moving Average is looking hot for the medium and long terms.

Considering recent developments and the potentially oversold situation, TPHX could see another run just around the corner… and if last month’s massive .32 to .70 run is any indication, this thing could have what it takes to move big.

And now here we are at .32 again… as they say, timing is EVERYHING. There could be a significant upside.

Don’t let the shape of this potentially undervalued gem change without you watching very closely… get going on your research immediately.

Remember, we always encourage you to do further research. Never take our word for it, read our disclaimer to see why, and of course always consult a professional.

Just because a situation looks great things can still go wrong and often do. Be smart and protect yourself.

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