Proven Energy Runner VKIN Leaner and Meaner, New Well Producing Impressive Amount of Oil and Natural Gas, Indicators Bullish in Anticipation for What's Next

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Today, once again, we watched another big runner as the company we profiled took off for 30% on more than 8 times its daily volume… it closed up over 16% on the day. Tuesday’s play also saw a sizeable run on large volume that has continued to build today as it climbed further into green territory.

Last week we watched a $5 Nasdaq play see a 12% run in one day; before that we saw a 21% gain… the week prior was a 326% giant!

I think you get the point, we’ve seen some impressive days in the last few weeks and all of the sudden we’ve got a streak going…

… a streak we would like to keep alive and well with a new .08 play tonight.

In a series of very impressive moves, Tonight’s play - VKIN - recently slimmed down operations by shedding dead weight and terminating fruitless efforts in order to focus on producing operations.

At the moment VKIN looks lean and mean and ready to expand in what is often considered one of the largest Industries in the world… an industry that has made men into icons and small startups into global conglomerates… so let’s get started.

Tonight's new play is
Viking Investments Group (VKIN)

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VKIN Quote

Viking is one of those rare small market companies that is actually accomplishing what it set out to do.

We look at exploration companies of all kinds and interests… not all of them make it. VKIN is an exception, not only did it make the transition from exploration to production, but it plans to continue with its blueprint to success and bring more wells online very soon:

VKIN’s business strategy is to acquire, invest in and/or provide professional advisory and consulting services to companies undergoing or anticipating periods of rapid growth, significant change or ownership transition.

Viking’s primary focus is directed toward evaluating and completing investments in North America, mainly in the Energy sector and other selective sectors, with appropriate diversification and balance between each division. VKIN targets under-valued investments with realistic appreciation potential and a defined exit strategy.

As of December 31, 2014, the information on OTCMarkets lists the company’s Total Assets at 425k USD.

The Company currently has assets in what is often considered the largest Industry in the world; that has made some of the all-time richest men on the planet into the icons they remain to this day.

Look at the market value of some of the top oil and gas companies in 2014:

This is about as big of a target market as you can get; and to think… oil prices have decreased significantly this past year.

If there ever was a time to get in on a ground-floor opportunity in the Oil sector, VKIN seems to be as hot as they come.

VKIN believes that current oil prices present an attractive opportunity for investors. According to CNBC, legendary oil trader Andy Hall, CEO of 3.2Bln Dlr commodity hedge fund Astenbeck Capital Management, has closed out his bearish bets on oil and is predicting a price recovery in crude sooner than many analysts had expected.

In a letter to investors, Andy Hall cited a number of reasons why oil prices should recover by later this year, including the dramatic fall in rig counts in the U.S., which should reduce year-over-year production growth before the end of 2015; widespread capital spending cuts at shale producers; the collapse in oil well permits in Texas since October; expectations of slower production growth out of Brazil and Russia; and a likely uptick in demand growth due to both seasonal and secular factors.

As a result, projections for global crude oil and petroleum production consumption growth will increase.

At current, oil prices are sitting at ground-floor prices. This means that if you can find the right opportunity in the oil sector you can come out ahead, with a great deal.

In fact, less than a year ago oil was over $100 per barrel of oil. However, since the end of 2014 we have seen oil take quite a dip down to the range it is currently sitting, right around $50 per barrel.

If you look at the history of oil prices, these sudden decreases in price have consistently been followed by rapid, sharp increases soon thereafter.

This could be the perfect time to be looking into the Oil Sector and with the news that VKIN broke last month, they seem to be taking some serious steps forward in the development of their Oil property.

VKIN’s chart is also beginning to heat up:

The Recent CandleStick Analysis is Bullish as is the Stochastic at the moment. Also Bullish is the High Analysis (for all terms), the MACD for both medium and long terms as well as the Fibonacci and Low Analysis for the long term.

With the Stochastic Analysis sitting at just 36.34, meaning at this moment VKIN is looking Oversold right now. This is exactly what we love to see, these are some extremely Bullish Indicators.


So many start-ups don’t make it past the initial stage of operations. On the small markets we see this all too often… in fact, it is the goal to locate those few that rise above and turn the corner from structuring start-up to operating assets that produce revenue…

… VKIN is one such exception. VKIN is an example of what we hope to find when searching the small markets for success stories.

Considering that “Viking estimates the complete re-work of the remaining wells in the project during the 2nd and 3rd Quarters of 2015” there could be continuous growth right around the corner.

This fact alone is enough to get us excited about an .08 oil producer.

So get started with your research on this exciting young energy company… we could have our sites on the next Monster tonight!

VKIN closed today at just .08.

VKIN has slipped a bit in the past few months, perhaps due to news of the company terminating dead weight… but it’s seemed to have worked out well and may have created an opportunity.

About 5 weeks ago VKIN reached .40… so we know it can move. If it were to reach such levels from here it would be an enormous percentage increase.

VKIN seems to be finding themselves in the right place at the right time. So don’t wait another moment, get started on your research right away.

We’re in the midst of a big streak at the moment and we’re looking to keep it running strong.

Remember, we always encourage you to do further research. Never take our word for it, read our disclaimer to see why, and of course always consult a professional.

Just because a situation looks great things can still go wrong and often do. Be smart and protect yourself.

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