Breaking Sub-Penny Alert: PSWS is Exploding - Barchart Loves it: Says "Buy" - StockTA Loves it: Says "Bullish"

PSWS has amazing patented technology & has begun sales in a $45 Billion market - and its market cap is just $322K!

Hi and good afternoon,

Last week was just great as we watched a triple-zero skyrocket 300pct several times over 3 straight days. This afternoon something with a very similar look just jumped on the radar that we just can't ignore because it could make tomorrow exponentially more exciting. As such, I have a Brand New Play for you tonight.

Add PSWS to the top of your Watchlist right away

PSWS has a unique, patented technology that is going to blow you away.

But before we get to that, we have a round of "Congratz" to give as the last play you and I looked continued flying for days thereafter...

... for more than three days we've watched it bounce several times between .0001 and .0004.

Those are 300pct runs... each!

Like I said, it was awesome, and tonight we're focused on a Brand New Play:

And it closed at just .0002 today. Are you kidding? This could be a monster tomorrow!

If you look at two webpages today, make it be these two:

StockTA Analysis: Very Bullish on PSWS

Barchart Opinion: 60% Strong Green Opinion of PSWS

If you don't want to click, no problem - but check this out:

StockTA Analysis:

That's a lot of Green, and as you can tell there are 5 levels of "Support" and 0 (Zero) levels of resistance!

Plus, look at all that confluence at the support levels.

And then there's the RSI, which is listed as red as an indicator - but it's red ONLY because it is so heavily oversold right now, not because it's overbought.

And when these subbies get so heavily oversold... well, you and I both know what that can mean. If it continues its breakout there could A LOT of running room before it sees major resistance!

Let's move on to Barchart.

Barchart Opinion:

And that's a lot of green too.

PSWS has been sitting at its current level for months as the company has been quiet...

... until today when it released news updating shareholders of its operational milestones of late - and it's impressive.

AND it wasn't all that long ago when it was hitting highs around .0049!

Again, it closed today at .0002.

A move to .0049 could represent a 2,350% move.

Now, just to be clear, no one is saying we expect a move of that size, but even if it were to see a fraction it could be exciting to watch.

But we'll get back to the chart in minute because this is where PSWS separates itself from the overwhelming majority of "cheapies" - it has serious operations that could lead to very big things on the horizon.

Normally we look at two types of companies, the higher level ones with serious operations and lower level ones whose operations might be struggling but the chart looks good.

Tonight it's the best of both worlds. This "cheapie" could have that triple-digit runner potential that we see in others at this level AND it has the operations to back it up.

PSWS is a subbie play with that exciting "Big Percentage" potential that can really get the blood flowing, so keep reading and get ready to start your research, we could be in for a very exciting day ahead:

Tonight's New Play:
PureSafe Water Systems (PSWS)

Company Website

PureSafe vs. Bottled Water
 Patented Technology Overview

Barchart Opinion
PSWS Quote & StockTA Analysis

PureSafe Water Systems, Incorporated (PSWS) manufactures a unique patented mobile and stationary water filtration system that was designed to be both an emergency response water filtration system, as well as, a permanent solution where drinkable water is not available for Government entities, companies and organizations. 

The self-contained and self-powered PureSafe System can be mobilized to a site and within 30 minutes will produce drinking quality water from flood waters, surface and fresh water, desalinating ocean and/or brackish waters.

In a letter to shareholders released today, January 19, 2017, provided cause for excitement in the new year, listing a number of accomplishments over the past 12 months that could lead to big things in the near future. Among the highlights:

Breaking News: PSWS Press Release January 19, 2017

These accomplishments have produced significant gains for PSWS:

So why are these accomplishments so significant? Consider these numbers:

PSWS has positioned itself to capitalize in not one, not two, but three multi-billion dollar markets and the initiatives already executed have begun to bear fruit. 


My father has been saying for years that "water" is going to be the industry of the future.

Well, it's expected to hit $45 billion in a few years, guess he's onto something. And PSWS is onto something too.

Not only does it have a patented technology in this massive industry, but it's also  a subbie low float play with "Big Mover" potential.

It seems that PureSafe Water took 2016 to clean itself up - now with a tiny market cap it's looking to build.

As the word spreads we could see a "pop", and a "pop" at these levels can be Massive Percentages!

Let's recap:

PureSafe Water Systems closed at just .0002 today and has that "Big Mover" potential.

We urge members to take Swift Action, start researching PSWS right away.

You know as well as I do that subbies can move north very quickly. It's not uncommon for these gems to deliver massive percentages in a single session.

PSWS could be all the more ready due to a red-hot chart there and a history of moving big and fast.

It hit .0004 just a few months ago and has been silent over these past few months.

Will it move back to those higher levels?

Get started on your research ASAP and have PSWS on the top of your trading screen tomorrow morning.

As always, we encourage you to do further research.

Enjoy your afternoon,
NewPowerAlert Team