Tonight's New Profile AXXE is Flashing Green, Green, Green

After releasing monster news all eyes are turning to one of the OTC's hottest companies

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Tonight we’re looking at a situation that is developing with one of our favorite small market companies. AXXE has seen a swarm of big days recently due to the enormity of the news they’ve released.

AXXE is one of the most impressive small market companies out there and the short-term indicators seem to be flashing Green, Green, Green… so let’s get to it:

Tonight's new profile is
Axxess Pharma - AXXE

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AXXE Quote

Axxess is in one of the hottest markets out there, Pharma & Natural Health products. AXXE is a specialty pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements company. The Company holds 24 wholly owned prescription and non-prescription products.

For the first time ever, the Company’s MMA based “TapouT” product line will be marketed using aggressive targeting on websites like ESPN(dot)com, NCAA(dot)com and a total of approximately 250k websites.

AXXE could have more going their way than any other OTC company that we are aware of right now. Here’s a little snapshot including some recent developments:

Key partnership with top UFC brand TapouT.
AXXE just increased their distribution, making their TapouT line available through a nationwide wholesale distributor. This news comes in addition to their already solid distribution partner’s relationships with Amazon, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, CVS and Walmart.
Recent & upcoming product launches. This includes the recent announcement to launch High Protein, Fat Burning Ready to Drink Protein Meal Replacement Products.
AXXE has already received multiple orders from the US Military. This opens up this Company’s products to a 9.2 Bln Dlr annual opportunity.
Celebrity endorsement deals.
Expansion into numerous international markets (Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Indonesia).

In recent months Axxess seems to have reached major milestones in development including new purchase orders from the Army Air Force Exchange Service, a primary sponsorship for Cole Whitt at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Phoenix International Raceway, completion of audited financials to upgrade to Bulletin Board, as well as the launch of a high protein, fat burning Ready to Drink Protein Meal Replacement Products in the fall of 2014.

The first purchase order by AAFES was valued at almost $30,000.

When looking at AXXE one thing that really stands out is how strong this Company is to be trading on the Pinksheets. In fact, AXXE recently reported their revenue may reach 1.5Mln Dlrs monthly, putting the Company at an $18Mln run rate 2 years ahead of the schedule outlined in their business plan. As illustrated in the analyst report (below), $18 M revenue run rate has the potential to deliver $2.3M in earnings for AXXE.

Murphy Analytics recently released an update on their research report on AXXE. If you can’t see how awesome AXXE is then I’m sure you will now:

Check out the following quote from the recent analyst report:
“AXXE has the opportunity to justify a stock price approaching $0.90 based on $18 million in revenue and a stock price of nearly $1.40 over the coming quarters if AXXE is able to demonstrate an ability to deliver revenue as projected and growth in revenue that seems possible based on the Company’s expanded distribution network.”

AXXE has already shown it has the ability to make some giant runs and with a target of 1.40 in the recent analyst report they could really fly.

The news that we’ve been seeing this past month has been out of this world. Check it out and you will see what we’re talking about:

Axxess Pharma Inc. Announces US Military (AAFES) Quickly Increasing Rate of Purchase Orders for TapouT Line of Products

Axxess Pharma Becomes Primary Sponsor for Cole Whitt at New Hampshire Motor Speedway and Phoenix International Raceway

Axxess Pharma to Launch High Protein, Fat Burning Ready to Drink (RTD) Protein Meal Replacement Products in Fall of 2014

Now if that isn’t enough to get excited about just take a look at what the Short Term indicators look like:

Short Term Indicators
7 Day Average Directional Indicator – Green
10 – 8 Day Moving Average Hilo Channel - Green
20 Day Moving Average vs Price - Green

Fact is AXXE has SO much going for it right now. SO many positive developments, deals in the works, SO many high profile figures with them in their corner (or whatever it’s called in an octagon).

They seem to have made some enormous moves in recent months and if they continue on this path the sky is the limit. With the news we’ve been seeing and the way they’ve been moving it doesn’t seem like this thing is slowing down any time soon.

We always encourage you to do further research. Never take our word for it, read our disclaimer to see why, and of course always consult a professional.

Just because a situation looks great things can still go wrong and often do. Be smart and protect yourself.

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