Monday's New Alert is on PSTR

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As Monday morning is already upon us and time is always a consideration, I won’t waste time; so let’s jump right in:

Today’s play is PSTR

PSTR is the leading producer of natural gas in the Cherokee Basin of southeastern Kansas and northeastern Oklahoma.

PSTR closed Friday at just .52.

At .52 PSTR’s market value is only 3.4Mln Dlrs.

PostRock Energy Corp (PSTR)

Formerly on the Nasdaq, PostRock
recently moved to the OTC Pinks.

Company Website

PSTR Quote

PostRock is an oil and natural gas exploration and production company focused on finding, acquiring, developing and producing oil and gas reserves in historically proven oil and gas basins where modern efficiencies and emerging techniques can be applied to further develop or redevelop fields that are not currently the focus of large exploration and production companies.

PSTR owns and operates a 2,200 mile gathering system in the Cherokee Basin supporting our upstream operations. Additionally, the Company has a growing oil position in central Oklahoma and owns and operates over 400 oil and gas wells in the Appalachia.

PostRock is driven to grow in mature basins by focusing on applying effort and technology to identify and exploit previously underexploited potential in these basins.

Currently, it is the leading producer of natural gas in the Cherokee Basin of southeastern Kansas and northeastern Oklahoma.

PSTR is committed to building a well-respected, experienced energy company leading production in all areas of operation. The Company believes that the development of its staff and selective hiring of top performers in their fields is integral to this commitment.

In the News:

Last month PostRock announced the appointment of an interim president, Clark Edwards.

Mr. Edwards has served as PostRock’s Vice President of Operations since February 2012 and as the Company’s Director of Midcontinent Field Operations since December 2010, as well as having served in various other company roles for PostRock’s predecessor entities from August 2007 to December 2010. Mr. Edwards holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.


Last year PSTR posted revenues of more than 83.5 Mln Dlrs

Last year PSTR posted gross profits of over 42.6 Mln Dlrs

These are not normal numbers for a company that closed Friday at just .52.

Yet, much like several of our other recent winners, PSTR was recently at much higher levels. In fact, PSTR’s 52-week high of 11.30.

Just recently, at the beginning of the summer, PSTR was around $4.

In 2015 PSTR has already made two very impressive runs, both bouncing after a long decent:

In late January / early February it ran from 1.02 all the way to 6.25 in less than 2 weeks.

That’s a run of 512%!

In April it ran from 1.82 all the way to 5.54 in about 2 weeks.

That’s a 204% run!

So we know PSTR can move quickly and has done so very recently.

Since that time it has slowly slid down to sub dollar levels, finally hitting a 52-week low last week at just .36.

Now it seems support could be starting to move in as it has lifted off of that 52-week low to where it currently sits at .52.

Currently, with an RSI of only 34.12 one thing is clear... PSTR is oversold.

As we speak the stochastic is “Bullish”.

As you can see PSTR has seen significant movement in the past year. If it were to continue its bounce from here we could be looking at very large percentages.

PSTR has also been very thin of late, which could lead to high volatility.

As such we’re going to be keeping a very close eye on PSTR today.

Have it on your Watchlist and keep a close eye on it this morning… get started researching PSTR right away.

Remember, we always encourage you to do further research. Never take our word for it, read our disclaimer to see why, and of course always consult a professional.

It is important that you realize the highly speculative nature of this situation.

Just because a situation looks great things can still go wrong and often do. Be smart and protect yourself.

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