New Mega Alert RLBD Featured on ABC's Hit Prime Time Show "Shark Tank"

RLBD is the whole package with the three pillars of opportunity all fiercely pointing in one direction... get ready for a Monster!

Hi and good afternoon,

Tonight new play has been on ABC’s “Shark Tank.”

Normally I don’t just jump in to a profile without a lengthy introduction, but tonight’s play is unique and I needed to get your attention.

Put RLBD on the Very Top of your Watchlist Immediately

I’ll tell you why:

  1. From a product perspective: RLBD has products that were featured on ABC’s Shark Tank… and the sharks loved it. It has also been featured on the CMA Music Festival and CMT's My Big Redneck Vacation.
  2. From an operational/management perspective: what has recently attracted the attention from the OTC sharks on Wall Street was the announcement of their new appointed chairman, Peter N. Christos, a Wall Street veteran with over 30 years of corporate finance/investment banking experience on Wall Street.
  3. From a chart/trade perspective: It’s slid a bit of late but at the moment has an RSI of just 45! With several “Bullish” and “Very bullish” indicators as we speak we could see a major bounce ahead.

There you have it… the rare “whole package”… three pillars of opportunity all fiercely pointing in one direction… it could be the perfect moment to look into what could be a near perfect play.

So let’s get to it:

Tonight's new play is
Real Brands Inc (RLBD)

Company Website

RLBD Quote

Real Brands, Inc., is a consumer products company. RLBD acquires, develops, distributes, licenses and brokers consumer products brands. The Company’s strategy is to build branded consumer products through distribution, licensing, acquisition, and new brand development.

This is a massive industry. Just to give you an idea of its size, let’s take a quick peak at the industry leaders:

RLBD’s core business is comprised of Real Brands Beverage Group, Real Brands Food Group, and Real Brands Venture Group. While actively seeking new consumer packaged goods opportunities, Real Brands currently owns:

In 2011 Hillbilly Brand showcased their country clothing line on ABC'S hit prime time TV show Shark Tank. The Sharks were thrilled with the brand and the Hillbilly Boys agreed to do a deal with Daymond John, Robert Herjavec and guest shark Jeff Foxworthy.

The advice and exposure received from Shark Tank helped launch Hillbilly Brand into several new markets and product categories!

HillBilly Brand Country Clothing is a perfect example of the classic American business story.

It started off selling t-shirts and hats from the back of a truck and has grown into a premier outdoor lifestyle brand. The brand was created because the founders wanted to give people who enjoy the country lifestyle a way to express themselves.

Its products represent that lifestyle and the people who live it everyday. HillBilly Brand fills a gap in the lifestyle clothing market by offering fashionable clothing for those who were “born country and raised outdoors”. Hillbilly Brand's country clothing has also been featured on the CMA Music Festival and CMT's My Big Redneck Vacation.

The company builds brands via 4 defined paths:

What has attracted the attention from the OTC sharks on Wall Street recently is the announcement of their new appointed chairman, Peter N. Christos.

Mr. Christos's background includes over 30 years of corporate finance/investment banking experience on Wall Street, which also includes successfully founding, funding and growing micro cap companies across many industries.

See the full news release here:
Real Brands, Inc. appoints Peter N. Christos Chairman

Market Outlook:

The industry will be in a major state of flux for the next five to 10 years and will look very different than it does today. The right strategies to help brands succeed along this path are still being defined. The millennial consumer is the strongest driver of many trends facing the industry. They are less connected with historical brands and more informed through the newest technologies.

Millennials have created a “sharing culture” driven in part by social media that fosters information sharing in real time and puts a greater premium on consumer experiences. These changes create a challenge for established brands to avoid becoming outdated to an emerging, powerful buying group and to grow their customer base. Companies can also capitalize on opportunities to attract consumers who may switch to their brand by catering to specific needs of consumer segments.

While brands continue to be highly powerful as a general rule, there are also places where consumers are more confident in themselves and their choices where they do not need a brand badge. Recognizing where this is and isn’t happening creates both opportunities and threats for market participants.


On Monday, RLBD Made A Serious Announcement
That Could Be The Catalyst For RLBD To Reach New Goals

According to the news: “RLBD will pursue a beverage strategy with an initial focus on brand ownership in the alternative beverage category.”

The press release goes on to state: "Going forward our strategy will focus on beverage brand ownership and expanding distribution for these brands," said Jerry Pearring CEO of Real Brands. "Brand ownership will be our guiding principle that we will adapt to the latest trends in the industry as we continue to expand the base we have."

See the full release here:
Real Brands, Inc. Focused on Alternative Beverage Brand Ownership

With multiple big news releases in the past couple of weeks and the recent slide we could be looking at a major turn just around the corner…

… and if that happens, watch out, we could be in for an EPIC BOUNCE!

Like we stated at the top of this email, Tonight’s play seems to be the whole package. From product to company to national TV exposure to management to the market… RLBD has a lot going their way right now.

The future could be very bright for RLBD. It’s commanding attention right now and it’s time to take notice… don’t sit on your hands.

Currently at .09 there could be a significant upside.

Remember, we always encourage you to do further research. Never just take our word for it. Read our disclaimer and always consult a professional.

Just because a situation looks great things can still go wrong and often do. Be smart and protect yourself.

Enjoy your afternoon.

Tomorrow could be a Monster,
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