Indicators Screaming Very Bullish as REVI, a True
Penny Play Posting Record Quarterly Rev. and Net
Income, Enters Multi-Billion Dollar MJ Industry

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This is the profile you and I have been waiting for and the timing could be perfect. Last week I was watching tonight’s profiled company thinking this could be the best new MJ situation I’ve seen in months… and then today it got even better:

MJ company: This new MJ/Hemp entry looks hot right now.
Current range: At just 015 this company is currently just over one cent. The potential for big volatility could be extraordinary.
$1Mil in one Quarter: OK, this is where it gets serious… that’s a figure you rarely see for ANY company at the 015 level… never mind for an MJ company. This could be a Beast in the making. When the rest of the market finds out about this we could see something amazing.
Hot chart with history of big moves: It came alive last week and at this level big moves could be very near… this Company has a LOT going for them at the moment.
Agreement with Hemp Inc: Hemp Inc. is one of the hottest and well-connected consulting companies in the MJ industry. This agreement speaks volumes and could be a major catalyst for the future.
The chart on this company is stunning, even Barchart currently has a “Green” opinion of it now… in fact, Barchart has each term as Green: Short: Green. Medium: Green. Long: Green.

Wow, now that’s something worthy of excitement. So do yourself a favor and keep reading. This profile is anything but normal. So get ready because we could be looking at the next MJ/hemp Big Bang:

Tonight’s new profile is
Resource Ventures, Inc. (

REVI Website

Quote & Chart

Resource Ventures just recently entered the emerging MedMJ sector. As part of their growth strategy they plan to expand their Printing & Graphics business into the MedMJ sector through the use of Hemp based products.

In the interest of the Company’s expansion plans into the MJ and industrial hemp industries, the Company has secured the consulting services of Hemp, Inc.’s subsidiary, The Industrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana Consulting Company.

Hemp Inc. is one of the hottest and well-connected consulting companies in the MJ industry. Having Hemp, Inc. as consultants allows them to take advantage of the explosive growth and market boom that is currently taking place in this sector.

REVI’s strategic relationship with Hemp, Inc. opens up a world of potential joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions.

The recent agreement with Hemp, Inc. and record Quarterly Revenues & Earnings has put REVI on the radar. Once you see what this Company has done you will understand why REVI has us so excited.

REVI posted record quarterly revenues of $1.08M and Record Quarterly Net Income of $184k.
With so much attention focused on the MJ sector, REVI recently announced the introduction of its Hemp Paper products.
In addition to its business entering the MJ sector, REVI already has an established Printing & Graphics business which produced over $2.3M in revenues for the year ending Dec 31, 2013.
As part of their growth strategy, REVI has additional expansion plans which are being guided through the consulting services of one of the hottest MJ companies out there, The Industrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana Consulting Company, Inc., IHMMCC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hemp, Inc. (HEMP).

REVI’s core business is “Total Graphics” with its roots in offset printing and direct mail. The Company has produced a wide array of products ranging from flyers to color brochures, catalogs and directories, with print runs of thousands to millions.

Although they have served customers nationwide for over 27 years, they now have their eyes on international markets. Based in Southern California and Colorado, their production plants are located across the US and in China.

The Company is in the early stages of its new online print and graphics website, With 100+ products and a groundbreaking website, the Company is well positioned for significant future growth.

While the Printing & Graphics business is already producing Mln’s in Revenue for REVI each Quarter, the Company has made some big moves and is expanding their business into the MJ sector through a groundbreaking Hemp paper product.

With the US House of Reps voting to legalize the cultivation of hemp, the previous barriers against the use of MJ for medical or recreational use could be coming to an end.

The MJ sector is already enormous; a recent CNBC report states that based on supply side and demand side pressures an annual market size of 35-45B Dlrs may be appropriate. After you take a look at some of these highlights you will get a better grasp on the massive potential of this market:

According to the AFP, the Colorado State government could obtain an annual $10B a year by 2018.
Earlier this year, under the passage of the farm bill, the cultivation of industrial hemp is legal on a Federal level and is clearing the way for industrial hemp programs in states such as Colorado, Washington, California, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, Vermont and West Virginia.
Marijuana is often called the largest cash crop in the U.S.
Prescription MJ is already available in 23 states and D.C., and with each year that passes the number of states online continues to rise.
The Hemp Industries Association estimates the total retail value of hemp products sold in the U.S. in 2013 to be at least $581M.
Food and fiber uses for industrial hemp are growing rapidly and have increased over 300% to an estimated 25k products in the past few years.

While the MJ market is all good and exciting, the real power behind REVI lies in its chart & indicators. Take a look at what I’m talking about:

Composite Indicators
Trendspotter: Green

Short Term Indicators
7 Day Average Directional Indicator: Green
10 – 8 Day Moving Average Hilo Channel: Green
20 Day Moving Average vs Price: Green

Medium Term Indicators
40 Day Commodity Channel Index: Green
50 Day Moving Average vs Price: Green
50 Day Parabolic Time/Price: Green

Long Term Indicators
60 Day Commodity Channel Index: Green
100 Day Moving Average vs Price: Green

Overall Average Green

StockTA Chart Indicators

Exponential Moving Average
Short: Bullish
Intermediate: Very Bullish
Long: Very Bullish

Moving Average Convergence/Divergence
Short: Very Bullish
Intermediate: Very Bullish
Long: Very Bullish

Relative Strength Index
Intermediate: Bullish

Short: Very Bullish
Intermediate: Bullish

The chart looks Bullish according to both Barchart and StockTA with many indicators screaming “Green,” or “Bullish” or even “Very Bullish” right now… the sky could be the limit.

Currently at just 015 (that’s only one and a half cents) even a slight move could translate to big percentages.

With groundbreaking legislation opening new, untouched markets, REVI could be in the right place at the right time…

… so get started on researching this exciting young MJ company right away.

Remember, we always encourage you to do further research. Never take our word for it, read our disclaimer to see why, and of course always consult a professional.

Just because a situation looks great things can still go wrong and often do. Be smart and protect yourself.

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